Friday, May 1, 2009

Forward Error Correction

The increasing popularity of data-intensive applications is driving the need for more accurate and faster data communication systems. Developers of data communications systems are looking ways to exploit the available bandwidth and enhance the quality of data transmission.The data sent from the source is called information bits, and the data created after error correction is called coded bits. Since the decoder only uses the information received and never requests a retransmission, the data is always moving forward, thus the name 'forward error correction.' Since FEC does not require handshaking between source and destination, it can be used for multiple simultaneous data transmission from a single source.the character that conforms to the protocol is accepted as correct. In case both characters do not conform to the protocol being used, they are rejected altogether. This result will be displayed as a blank space or an underscore.FEC protocols impose a greater bandwidth overhead than backward error correction protocols, but they are still preferred in certain transmissions as they are able to recover from errors more quickly and with significantly fewer retransmissions.

A simple data set consists of a single column of values. This appears in the form of a list. The collection of values in such a univariate data set is not a typical set (ordered list) in the mathematical sense. Rather they are called as a multiset.The values contained in a data set may be numbers or nominal data. Web browser or operating system, wants to access a datum, presumably in the permanent storage, it first checks the cache. If it finds an entry there with a tag matching that of the desired datum, it uses the datum in the entry instead of the datum in the backing store. This process is known as cache hit. On the other hand, if it does not find the datum with the desired tag, the situation is known as a cache miss. A hit ratio is the percentage of data accesses that result in cache hits.The numbers can be real numbers or integers. However, for a given variable, the values will be of the same kind. There may be a missing value for a corresponding variable, which may be indicated in a different way.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


he Academy of Animation and Gaming (AAG) was established with the purpose of bridging the gap between the needs of the rapidly booming animation,AAG Infrastructure To ensure the requisite skills and abilities AAG students are taught on extremely high-end computer platforms that can handle the demands made on technology by animation and gaming disciplines. Every AAG student workstation is equipped with high-end graphics cards from Dell, and Apple I-Mac workstations. gaming and visual special effects industry for skilled professionals who fulfils industry needs.AAG is a pioneer in the field of multimedia arts, one of the finest academies to offer a specialized focus on animation and gaming, AAG was established by seasoned veterans from the industry to provide high-quality training in a disciplined approach which nurtures the student's creative force in a state-of-the-art learning environment equipped with the latest and best that technology can in Animation, as well as a B.Sc. in Game Programming, at Teesside for advanced qualifications from an International University.
We are committed for providing high- end training in animation and game development and business development for creative technologies in India. Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills that are required to enter and succeed in the billion-dollar market.

Friday, April 24, 2009

See How Easily You Can Earn Money From Home

The Internet has broken down all boundaries today, and it is no longer a condition that an employer and employee share the same physical space. A simple mouse click can connect them. Therefore, larger and larger numbers of people are choosing to earn cash at home, today. The Internet has made major changes in the way we interact personally and professionally.Make use of your technical skills, with the huge demand for freelancers. Content writing is the job for you if you write well, and can devote a few hours everyday. Proofreading, on the other hand, is a job that calls for a good eye for grammar and error - spotting, so if you have those qualities, proof-reading is a good way by which you can earn cash at home. There are online call centers as well, as well as paid blogging sites. Making money through affiliate programs and online paid surveys are two more examples.You don't want to be fooled into losing your money, do you? So it's imperative that you watch where you're stepping, and look up the recommendations.

There are certain pros and cons to earning cash at home. The pros are your flexible work times, the good pay and the fact that you are your own boss. But the cons are the inevitable loneliness you might feel, and the repetitiveness the job might have.

equipment like printer and scanner, a telephone line, and of course - good lighting! If you're opting to earn cash at home, work with full dedication, and keep your attention diverted from all home or household-based distractions. To earn cash at home, it's ideal to maintain a planner diary, where you can record your plan for the day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Putting Together a Winning Team

Without a doubt, one of the toughest part of managing private practice today is staffing. We don't have the same resources as a hospital or clinic, where an MBA or Human Resources professional is typically available to handle staffing issues.Failure to appropriately handle staffing issues leads to costly mistakes, lost revenue and potential legal issues. Unfortunately, most doctors only learn to take these issues seriously after making very costly mistakes; however, you can learn the skills you need to build a winning and successful team.
and career path for this position. Outline the necessary skills, competencies, and experience an applicant must possess in order to be successful in the position. Define what "excellent performance" in this role would look like. Failing to do this is like attempting to build a skyscraper without an engineering plan.Decide which tasks will require on-site personnel, and which tasks are suitable for outsourcing. In today's practice environment, it is imperative not to hire people for tasks which could be more appropriately outsourced, subcontracted to other professionals, or handled by existing technology. A perfect example here is transcription that can largely be eliminated with a good electronic records system. Some collections and billing duties can also be transferred to more affordable subcontractors.Begin by building up a large pool of applicants. Local or regional newspapers work great in most areas. Referrals from your current personnel can also be a good source of great applicants. You may also get good results from posting openings in your office, in any newsletters you send out, and on your website.

Friday, February 20, 2009

How To Create A Turnkey Internet Business

A turnkey internet business is any website that turns a profit without you having to truly build or operate it. It is a fast, easy way to make a significant amount of money - all you have to do is follow the steps. In this article, I'll outline a couple good examples of turnkey internet business, followed by a helpful resource you'll probably want to check out. There's never been an easier way to make money than the internet, and now with the help of websites like, you too can start taking advantage of the speed, ease, and abundance of information available online. The first thing to remember in a turnkey internet business is how you're making your money. For example, say your profit is going to come from advertising - you can make money just by having Google Adsense ads show up in the search index. Consider also re-selling licensed products like eBooks. EBooks are online texts which can be leased out, and to which the rights for re-sale can typically be purchased. The user that buys the eBook is free to download, store, and print it as he or she pleases, but since you pay for nothing but the original rights (it's not like you have to buy more eBooks), you make pure profit on every sale. This allows you to provide data quickly (almost instantly, because they are so small), cheaply, and easily to a huge market.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

EBook and Report Authors! Would You Like Increased Sales?

A lot of people sit up and take notice of what she has to say and this can help you to increase your sales of ebooks and reports. You might have your own book that you could not get a publisher to take on and so you have made it into an ebook and are disappointed in your sales so far. By publishing it onto a digital text platform you only have to do the work once and let household named retailers list it on their sites. You are able to list keywords or tags as they are often referred to with ebook publishing. You will not increase your ebook sales if nobody can find your book, because you are not using tags or keywords that other successful authors use. Once you find similar books you can have a quick peek at the tags or keywords they use and then add them into yours. You then simply make sure that you include the same tags in your book and by digging a bit deeper into other similar titles you can incorporate some of their tags too. To increase your ebook sales and profits you need to have your books found easily when someone does a search. Then you need to check out all the attention digital readers are getting right now. This is a ready-made market for your ebooks and with Christmas coming in less than two months from now there is no better time to start taking advantage of a marketing platform that is going to explode as it rolls out to more countries. Why not start writing some reports to add to your sales of published material. If you outsource some of the work you will be amazed at how little you might have to pay for the reports.

Starting a Home Business? How much incentive do you need?

Starting a home business knitting mufflers is all very well, but the minute you stop knitting mufflers, guess what? The income stops. You can promote several opportunities online, and different people will be attracted to different ideas for home businesses. You'll be astonished at the automation of everything today and what amazing incomes are attainable. Don't listen to your Uncle Fred. While he's telling you it can't be done, thousands are out there doing it. Why not you? Help is out there from people who've made incredible mlm incomes online, and that's the best place to start. Everyone will tell you their home based business opportunity is great. For any 'Return on Investment' calculation you'd care to make, a respectable mlm home based business is your best ticket out of the economic madness that surrounds us. Any ideas for home businesses like this, which involve your sole efforts only are nothing but another job. If all we do is swap time for money, then our money is always going to hit a ceiling. What ceiling? Our time. In this day and age, starting a home based business on the internet requires only basic computer skills which can be and need to be learnt. Incredibly, your new home based business could eventually involve thousands of people from all over the world whom you never met and will never meet. If and when you speak, it will be on the phone and it will be them chasing you, not the other way round! If we are 'time rich' and 'money poor' we can put many hours of effort a day into our home based business. If we are time poor and money rich we can maybe outsource certain tasks to others to 'leverage' our efforts. In reality all effective income-producing ideas for home businesses employ some leverage - getting a lot from a putting in a little.