Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pre-Programmed to Fail at Niche Marketing Before We Even Start.

The sorry truth of the matter is that for every hundred people who strive to be successful at niche marketing only one of us will actually succeed. Now before I go on let me just tell you that this isn't a sales pitch in any way or form, this is free advice to anyone who's interested, from someone who's just about managed to crawl out of the pit and start making a decent profit from niche marketing. Yes,.it annoyed me so much to see all my efforts simply crash and burn time after time, I couldn't for the life of me understand why someone else with a site almost identical to mine made money constantly while mine made almost nothing, and in many cases absolutely nothing...ZERO...what makes him so special and you a failure, why is everything in life so unfair, & why is it always the other guy who walks away with the mountain of cash, leaving only the scraps for you to pick up after him.I stumbled onto the internet marketing scene, from the outset I was clever enough to realise that I didn't have a cat in hells chance of competing in larger markets so I quickly opted for niche marketing, which seemed like a good idea, and indeed it is a good idea...but still I failed.do you really believe your going to be successful with your niche market?, do you have doubts in your ability to carry this off and make a living from it, think about it, are you 100% certain that you'll be able to give up your day job within a year or whatever time frame you've allowed yourself?. Let me tell you, your success as a niche marketer starts here, forget about the keyword research and the site building for the time being.


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